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- The workshop "Advances in Studies of Superconducting Hybrids: Theory and Modeling vs Experiment" aims bringing together leading scientists to discuss the recent progress in physics of Superconducting Hybrids. Special attention will be paid to the theory and modeling of these systems, and we expect that the clear recommendations for the experiments will be presented. The Conference should stimulate an active dialogue between experiment, computational approaches, and theory.

- The Conference is organized within the framework of current COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) projet "Nanoscale Superconductivity (NanoSC) - Novel Functionalities through Optimized Confinement of Condensate and Fields" - Action MP1201.

- The French Physics Society (Société Française de Physique - SFP) co-organizes this event.

- The French National Research Agency partially supports the workshop via current ELECTROVORTEX project between LOMA (Bordeaux) and INSP (Paris).

- The workshop will take place in Arcachon - France->rub7] - nice small town on
the Atlantic coast, near Bordeaux. Researchers from COST project countries as well as scientists
from other countries are welcome. Around 40 participants are expected.